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O2 / N2 / AR LGC


Gas Cylinder
Filling Facility

Mixed Gas Cylinder
Filling Facility

Bundle Filling Facility

Gas Bundle Filling Panel

Gas Cylinder
Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pumps

Cryogenic Gas
Storage Tank

LPG, Toxic Gas
Cylinder Storage

Combustibility, Incombustibility
Gas Cylinder Storage

Argon Tank Lorry 18,000L

Oxygen Tank Lorry 10,000L

CO2 Tank Lorry 13Ton

LPG Bulk Lorry

NitrogenTank Lorry 25,000L

Nitrogen Trailer 22,000L

Nitrogen Trailer 13,000L

Nitrogen Skid Tank 13,000L

High pressure skid 2.2M3

High pressure skid 1.8M3

High pressure skid 1.7M3

High pressure skids

High pressure skid A Type

High pressure quads C Type

LNG Cooling Down Skid Steam and Electric Vaporizer

Pressurizing Skid A

Pressurizing Skid B

Pressurizing Skid C

Nitrogen Mixer

High Pressure Gas Booster for Helium

Gas Chromatogragh-TCD/PDD

Gas Chromatogragh-FID

Oxygen Analyzer

Moisture Analyzer

Oxygen/Moiture Analyzer

Analyzer for Mixed GAs

Flow Controller

Flow Control Unit


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